People of Arampampa speak Quechua as a main language. Quechua is a very old language which is most widely spoken in the indigenous community of South America. It is derived from original common ancestor language called Proto-Quechua, which is the original common ancestor language of the community.

Quechua is used in oral form only and not in written form. There are no Quechua Newspaper or Quechua books and magazines because Quechua  has no written script. Recently, Government of Bolivia has introduced Quechua in Intercultural Bilingual Section.

Spanish is nowadays becoming popular in minority groups of Arampampa valley. Even though all people in Arampampa speaks Quechua, school children now speak Spanish as their second language.

Moreover, a few NGOs are now trying to provide English education familiarize the community with  the language so that they welcome visitors from all around the world and benefit from global tourism.

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